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  We can help you make it bigger through a rigorous process of review, reevaluation, and reassembly.

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Working on something big?

We can help you make it bigger through a rigorous process of review, reevaluation, and reassembly.

We combine experts whose experience ranges from "in-the-trenches" scrum software development, nation-wide educational programs, large-scale internet infrastructure and hosting, all forms of physical and web media and publishing, all scales of infrastructure and technology development, communications engineering and technology, business modeling and development, broadcast radio management and operations, farming and ranching, and wholesale product distribution.

Our experts aren't just experts; they are experienced business people, with significant resumes in governance and management with some of the largest -- and smallest -- companies in the United States.

We give your business or project idea a "sonor exam", looking at your concept from both the indside and outside.

We situate your project within economic theory, and identify its relationship to changes in the major trends in technology and consumer behavior.

We look at how your project unifies the structure of the concept with the production realities of the relevant markets, and identify contradictions and constrictions.

We give you the ability to see your project from not only your own perspective, but from the vantage points of consumers, investors, bankers, the media, and the realms of manufacturing and production, if relevant.

Our areas of significant interest include (trends-based list here)

Our primary areas of activity include projects that utilize Web-based resources and communications, social media, any form of media content, media business models, community radio, community organizing, community-based emergency services, communications technology, apps development,

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