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_Determinisms and authors
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$s$ Hacking and Power: Social and technological determinism in the digital age, by Tim Jorday (Tim Jordan)

How Technological Determinism Shapes International Marketing (James W. Gabberty, Robert G. Vambery)

John Street, Politics & Technology ()

Promotion ()

Technological Determinism in Canadian Telecommunications: Telidon Technology, Industry and government (Donald J. Gillies, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute)

Technopoly, Neil Postman ()

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"Administrative and Critical Communications Research", Paul. f. Lazarsfeld, from Studies in Philosophy and Social Science. [eters and simonson, p. 166

As to prevailing trends, everyone will agree that we live in a period of increasing centralization of ownership. Ye, although large economic organizations play their production to the minutest detail, the distribution of their products is not planned systematically. Their success depends upon the outcome of a competition among a few large units which must rally sizable proportions of the population as their customers. Thus promotion in every form becomes one of the main forces in contemporary society. The technique of manipulating large masses of people is developed in the business world and from there permeates our whole culture. In the end, everything, be it good or bad is promoted; we are living more and more in an "advertising culture." 169


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