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     There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer. (ansel adams)             1969-1984
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$s$ 4. Understanding the role of media in economic development (Christopher J. Coyne and Peter T. Leeson)

8. ePanopticon: How does the Virtual World impact the Real World? (Dennis DuBe')

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The relationship between technology and media business models. (Dennis DuBe')

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The relationship between technology and media business models.
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          Dennis DuBe' #3458   Created 05/18/2013   Updated 04/28/2017

Media occupy an essential position in the commerce cycle. Media serve structurally as the primary messaging system of economies, connecting consumers, products and distribution through the agencies of content and communications.

As such, there is generally commercial pressure within an economy for media. Media compete by producing and delivering content to consumers, and are judged commercially by their effectiveness at delivering secondary commercial or political results for advertisers, sponsors, and ownership.

Historically, media business models evolve as technological changes allow new opportunities and economies in content, production and distribution, and have resulted in new relationship opportunities between consumers and businesses. Content creation, reproduction, and distribution has been a sustainable economic business structure for gathering audience attention to commercial messages.

These kinds of relationships have developed and endured through several technological regimes, from hand-set and hand-printed pages, through the newspaper, magazine, TV and cable-TV eras into the Social Media age.


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