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     Whereas "Attention" is the primary ingredient necessary to make Web marketing work, Social Media depends on more -- Attention plus "Presence". Within the Social Media sector of VR, "Presence" is the added element.
           #3370   Created 04/26/2013   Updated 05/08/2013

20120727 Attention and presence are two sides of the phenomena. Masses of consumers enter the attention field by participating in social media, online gaming, and the interactive consumption of news and entertainment product.

Consumers are simultaneously present in an online environment, and paying attention to the environment from the outside. This dual position is possible because multiple online activities often occur simultaneously. Users may have multiple computer screens in front of them, along with televisions, smart phones, pads, tablets, and more. The multiple devices, along with multiple windows open on computer screens, enable multitasking among screens and windows. Consequently, a user may be in a chat conversation in Google, posting to Facebook, listening to the radio, watching a live basketball game on cable, and killing cows in Farmville while babysitting and cooking. They pay attention to "the media" while being simultaneously the object and the subject of attention by "the media".

You can see here that our conception of "the media" is vague, and that the idea of "attention" needs to be divided into component parts.

Whereas "Attention" is the primary ingredient necessary to make Web marketing work, Social Media depends on more -- Attention plus "Presence". Within the Social Media sector of VR, "Presence" is the added element.

Social is interactive. It's back and forth. It's the distribution of media objects to distribution lists. It's the radiation of profile information to eager receptors. It's more than just paying attention -- it's "being there." Even in a remote, time-shifted way, the essence of social media is the routine squeaking of the crickets, the entire chorus of crickets, sawing away into the night on their various networks.

That's the Faustian side of this bargain; access to the empire comes at the price of your soul. Well, not soul, exactly, but certainly your Attention, and your Presence.

And that's the real you!



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