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ethical models -- Potter Box ()

A Resource-Rich Solution to Journalism's Woes (John H. McManus, reviewer)

journalism' tangled web -- business, ethics and professional practice. (ian richards, in meyers)

notes on potter box ()

Serving the Public and Serving the Market: A Conflict of Interest? (John McManus)

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notes on potter box
           #3041   Created 12/01/2011   Updated 12/18/2015

emperical definition: aggregation is copying, not reporting.

for business purposes, the judgement is by mission, profit, legality

for journalism purposes, the judgement is by obligations and claims.

for consumer purposes, the judgement is by ? --trust / fear --security / insecurity --adjacency / location --identity / granfalloon --opportunity --persuasion --attraction --desire

Identifying values.

for business, --legality --cost of production --profitability? --mission/product design --audience response

for journalists, --Keeping watch, watchdog role, satisfies existential need of the public, surveillance --Informed citizen, news need demands practice --Satisfied citizens, satisfies curiosity, entertainment desire --Low socialization value, low communications value, low community interaction value --Low commercial value, low connection to advertiser base, secondary editorial value


for business, --cost control --budget flexibility --can be clerical instead of skilled

for journalists, --watchdog -- low --inform -- low to medium --educate -- low to medium --socialize -- low --bulletin board -- low to medium --operate in budget -- high

choosing loyalties

for job, --required by logic of costs --often mandated

for journalism, --useful for newshole flexibility --meets minimum content requirements --does not satisfy claims, contributes to obligations


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