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ethical models -- Potter Box ()

A Resource-Rich Solution to Journalism's Woes (John H. McManus, reviewer)

journalism' tangled web -- business, ethics and professional practice. (ian richards, in meyers)

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Serving the Public and Serving the Market: A Conflict of Interest? (John McManus)

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          Hiram Bubbleprick #2981   Created 10/31/2011   Updated 09/22/2014

Apply theory to actual media practice

The practice: Content aggregation; the use and abuse of 'fair use' in the aggregations of news headlines and content highlights the ethical tension between the informational and watchdog obligations of Journalists to citizens, and the obligations of employees to the proprietary interests of their employer.

Description of Problem: The right to own Real Property is a bedrock component of Capitalism, and hence Democracy, but the right to control of intellectual property has bbeen established through legislation. The Statute of Anne (short title Copyright Act 1709 8 Anne c.19;) was the first in the Kingdom of Great Britain. The current U.S. Law, compliant with international copyright agreements, .....When Donaldson v Beckett reached the House of Lords in 1774 Lord Camden, In its ruling the House of Lords established that copyright was a "creature of statute", and that the rights and responsibilities in copyright were determined by legislation.


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