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$s$ 1. Back Seat Drivers (Dennis. R. DuBe')

2. Technology moves through adoption and adaptation ()

3. Media Structures and Adjectives (Nam dePlume )

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I thought about....
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the order of thoughts

thinking about the position / relationship between consumer and media in colonial times --bible study at church --public conversation and readings at pub teahouse --pamphlest newsletters circulated to subscribers --rarity of media, special

thinking about how that was different than media experience today, and times in-between

how publications changed as the revolutionary war progressed, how the advent of war news pushed pubs into new ways of writing and reporting

how advances in technology presaged changes in the business models of publishing

how the advent of great mechanization, steam, and distribtuion resulted in shifting business models

how technologal influences opened up new markets, working people, street press, yellow journalsim, and how those changes altered the nature and focus of newspapers and magazines

how transportation changed business modxels, and the natuere of content and audiences

how the advents of electronic communicadtions -- telegraph, telephone, broadcasting, opened up new types of media distribution, and reflected also in changes in types of content, antures of audiences, compostion of advertisers, and the methods of journalsim, production adn distribution.

how computers and inernet have wrought yet another wave of alterations in audience nature, changes in tehw way content is produced and distributed, changes in the nature of content, chagnes and expandions in the types aond nubmer of business models assocaited with media

this brought to midd the changes in teh nature of content itself, and the role of content in thse eras

thought of the metaphor of 100 playwrigits ind 100 plays in 100 theaters in a city of 10 jmillion on the same night -- all good authors, all good productions -- yet in one year one play most successfulo, 5 somewhat successful, 3 kind of successful, and 91 gone.

thought about the nature of the strucures that produce content, how they evolve, and how those structres and the content they produce are different ways of looking at the same thing.

thought about how hose structures come to be, and what are the forces that result in those struct5uers.

like the playwrights the intent of their creators plays a significante, bunt not determanitive role. a bigger factyor lies in the bhe behavior of consuemrs -- consumption drives open the wedges of preoductrion and distributin, and those are the actual structures of media.


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