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$s$ Gamer Types -- Implicit Roles ()

Gamers combine four types: achievers, explorers, socializers and killers ()

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Games - POLITICAL Gamification ()

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Gamer Types -- Implicit Roles
           #3119   Created 06/27/2012   Updated 10/07/2014

Gamer types have both explicit and implicit manifestations.

A Killer can explicitly kill the avatars of other players; but a Killer can also be a "Griper", a complainer, an energy-drainer. A killer can try to kill the game play itself by disrupting in-game relationships and game play.

Similarly, a classic Achiever can as easily be seen as a mere "opportunist", taking advantages where they are found, playing for the play instead of the score. Achievers can be disruptive of game play in narcissistic ways, playing for glorification rather than victory.

Socializers can be alternately viewed as networkers more interested in building personal relationships than social networks, and Explorers can be viewed as Scientists, who are more interested in the questions than the answers.



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