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Key Concepts

January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     742/3883

4. The Attention Field is the aggregate market.
     The aggregate attention of all of consumers who are online in the moment constitute the live attention “field”.
          Dennis DuBe' #3883   Created 04/25/2017   Updated 02/06/2018

Billions of humans, simultaneously looking into glowing screens on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices, simultaneously engaged in consuming and creating social media posts, consuming produced news and content, and being exposed to commercial and political messaging.

The Attention Field: The aggregate attention of all of consumers who are online, in the moment, constitute the live attention “field”. Their attention-presence alone fulfills the purpose of the entire network.

The network facilitates and records communications. All consumer actions -- keystrokes, spoken words, video uploads, purchases, mouse movements -- all are recorded, as that is the nature of computers.

All those individual consumer actions can be cross-linked to reveal relationships to each other, to concepts, products, companies, services, religions, memberships, affiliations, browsing history, or any other type of information that can be harvested from browsing, posting, registering, viewing, clicking, mentioning, knowing, buying, selling, or any other word ending in "-ing" that can be facilitated online.

A live, on-line array of billions of consumers, already connected and authorized to make purchases, with built-in payment methods and accounts at their fingertips.

It's Capitalism's wet-dream come true. It is the Matrix, manifest.


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