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Key Concepts

January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     742/3882

3. Distributed media value created by participation.
     Distributed media biz model enabled through analysis of relationships revealed through user participation.
          Dennis DuBe' #3882   Created 04/25/2017   Updated 02/06/2018

Distributed media are created as structure, to enable all points with communication, and connect all points point-to-point via a distributed network.

The business models of distributed media evolved around structure, with unique relationships for provision of equipment, access to network, subscriptions to services, and "presence" in media.

Distributed media are uniquely structured to enable and record all users interactions with servers. The participation of users forms the core content-generating mechanism, and is also the core consumption activity of users. They walk to the picnic, bring their own food -- and ants -- and pay for the privilege.

Distributed media are also structured the extensively profile users for targeted advertising, using cross-indexing records of users'online activities to reveal personal and commercial relationships.

The distributed networks:

--enable consumer participation

--record all actions of participants

--index all actions and artifacts

--make all actions and artifacts searchable

--identify users' attributes for marketing exposures


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