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     There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer. (ansel adams)             1969-1984

January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     708/3831

7. On the question of "media"
           #3831   Created 03/28/2016   Updated 10/27/2016

Media. The media.

Another troublesome word, taxed by our common usage with far too many roles. Yet we all think we know what someone means when they say the words "the media" in conversation, as our minds conjure up fuzzy images of TV anchors or newspaper pages or dramatic footage from some news report.

You have to reach through the artifact to examine the intent of its creation.

We have tried to clarify that concept by eliminating some of the self-imposed barriers on the word's usage. Media is artifact intentionally created and distributed for the purpose of being consumed. Media had content. Content is created with intent involving its consumption.

If it is "media", then, it is something with "content" that is created for the purpose of being "consumed" by "consumers".

Don't quote marks make those words seem important? That's because we must place each word at arm's length, if we are to see their relationships. So we get into grammatical constructions such as "the content of content" and "producers are also consumers", and the like.

Just so you know the depth of jargon, we will be discussing "the media" as structures that emerge in societies with economies as necessary components of culture and civilization. While we simultaneously regard the business institutions that dominate and operate "the media", we also see it as a natural expression of economic civilization.


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