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Technological Determinism is a grammar problem.
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Science is not an announcement about the future; It is, rather, an analysis of the past. Science looks to the future with questions. Science attempts to observe and test those questions in the present and record the results. That's the method.

It is the contemporary analysis of "what is" based on evidence gained in previous observation. By its nature, science is based on investigation of at least physical reality, of what the precise conditions were at the time a measurement was taken, and how that information compares with other measurements taken at certain times in the past, under known conditions. Science backs carefully into the future, maintaining a clear line of sight backwards down the corridor of history.

Technology looks to the past, to experience and science, and it occurs in the present. But lives with certainty in the future, just as all human actions occur in the present and determine the future.

Technological determinism is, in this sense, behavior by humans in the past who were trying to solve problems in the present. Meanwhile, humans in the present are trying to solve problems they project into the future, by using the "language of technology".

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This long-standing practice is embedded in the relationship between the commercial services that create, deploy, and maintain the hard and soft components of telephone and cellular communications, online services, social media, entertainment media, communications networks, and the advertising, manufacturing, and distribution industries.


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