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_Determinisms and authors

January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     702/3559

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Innis placed media of communication alongside such rtraditional drivers of world history as politics, marikets, war, demography, and culture. 19

each medium of history ... has inherent biases. ... the documents that endure are typically designed by time-conserving agents like sages and priests rather than space-controlling agents like lawyers and merchants.

Historical research is always a mater of triangulating record, transmission, and interpretation.

...how central the problems of communication are to the study of history...

Communication history is not only a supp0lement to historicla inquiry; it is a challenge to how we approach history itself.


It is the unusual that gets document4ed. ...the ratio of what is unstated -but-undderstood to what is actually staetis is huge. ONly a miniumuym of shared understanging is ever articulate into spech. All documents rest against an unnoticed background.

The historical erecored was rareltyl if ever written for hsitorians. 21

tools survive better than words.

a record; buy definition, is never finished.

Nwew old documents rewrite old new ones.

Tjhe past is radically incomplerte becasue the historical records is iteslf historical. 22

Tjhe historian is in the same position as the witness: neither can know what will be the crucial evidence while events are unfoldings. 23

and even this insight -- that the past emerges in the future -- is itself historical.


transmission is never just an empty channel. media are not pipes for conrtent any more than time is a homogeneous and empty medium that carreis past along. 25

both dreams turn on the longing for a perfect medium of communication that woujld transcend the gaps. 27


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