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January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     709/3073

8. Copyright is a technology issue
     Media content has repositioned as part of the context in which value transactions occur, instead of being merely object which consumers may consume.
          Dennis DuBe 20120419 #3073   Created   Updated 01/14/2019

Copyright / Pedigree is a technology issue.

(Trend: Aggregators cloud the truth, nameplate to disembodied, known source to crowdsource, the renaissance of copyright)

Summary: The significance of copyright is shifting as the business models of media change. The revenue moment shifts from the act of acquisition, to the act of sharing. Media content is being repositioned as part of the context in which value transactions occur, instead of being merely an object which a consumer may purchase.


Controlling reproduction of a work is more effective in the material world than the digital. Emphasis will shift to controlling the revenue opportunities associated with social media integration, supplanting revenue associated with reproduction.

Source control will rise, and power centers and structures will emerge around licensing and permissions. These restrictions may further increase the value of independent production and distribution.

Copyright issues are clouded by numerous layers of aggregation and re-purposing of original content. The phenomena cannot be easily defeated, but it can be affected by the ability to document content creation, and identify, measure, track and analyze content fragments. The value of pedigreed content can be realized through access, licensing and permissions.

Content derived from a variety of sources represents blended pedigrees, and can be the basis for creating new value relationships between creation and distribution. The values are intensified by the tension over copyright. Additionally, developments in technology and law will allow owners to regain some control over reproduction. Consequences: Merely establishing a pedigree affects value. Tracking the usage of pedigreed material drives business models. The need and demand for pedigree verification will be driven by

1.) ability to convert pedigree into control over reproduction or distribution, or

2.) ability to convert abusers into clients.


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