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January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     709/3069

6. Trends: Pedigree rises as Copyright fails.
     Growth in content and channel space dwarfs the growth in population, worldwide.
          dennis dube #3069   Created 01/16/2012   Updated 10/27/2016

Pedigree rises as Copyright fails

(Trend: Audience to Participants, Shared to Solo, Information overload vs. ability to comprehend).

Growth in content and channel space dwarfs the growth in population, worldwide. Dramatic growth in both static and flowing content create infinite content terrain. Journalisms gatekeeper role submerges into observer and guide. Consumers can copy online content freely, ignoring copyrights. Everything is available everywhere.

Meanwhile, the individual content experience shrinks as users select and exclude media content. They do this partly to construct a familiar media terrain, partly to tailor content for their social media circles, and partly in response to the increasingly integrative nature of the overall social media experience.

This dramatically repositions the value of content, and creates a premium value for information of known pedigree (documented source), irrespective of copyright status. Pedigree is not the same thing as credibility, but can be a component of credibility. Pedigree can become an independent value vector for content. Question: how would you detect pedigree remotely?


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