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January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     666/3038

journalism' tangled web -- business, ethics and professional practice.
          ian richards, in meyers #3038   Created 11/27/2011   Updated 05/20/2019

many of the earliest publications were primarily vehicles for providing merchants with information relating to trade. 172

the shift to advertising rather than subscriber business model, brought the market into the centre of the frame and [brought] heavy presure to bearn on content. conent becamse the 'bait' to catch readers adn viewers for advertisers[,] and audience figure the key to evaluating success (4) Sanders Ethics and journalism (London: Sage, 2003), 129-131 172

indeed, it is difficult to define what constitutes a basic unit of news--depending on the context, it could be a news story, an article, a program, a bulletin, or a combination of these.

ref: Meyers introduction on page 169 Key to such a code, Richards, stresses, is a reinforcement of the purpose of journalism: "to find and report truth..."

The consequences are so serious that prominent British academic, media commentator, and former newspaper editor Roy Greenslade has claimed that "newspapers are dying in the Unted States, and the death knell is also sounding for newsprint in Britain and across the rest of Europe". (Roy Greenslade, "Move Over: Journalists Will Have To Share Their Space," Sydney Morning Herald Online, May 1, 2008, http://www.smh.com.au;news/opinion/journalists-to-share-their-space/2008/04-30-1209234954732.html (accessed May 6, 2008). (still there 11/14/2015)


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