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January 2019    Dennis R. DuBe'     666/2991

A Resource-Rich Solution to Journalism's Woes
          John H. McManus, reviewer #2991   Created 11/01/2011   Updated 11/01/2011

a critique of "Value creation and the future o news organizations: Why and how journalism must change to remain relevant in the twenty-first century." Picard, R. G. (2010). Lisbon, Portugal: Mediz XXI. 152 pp., $13.10 (Pbk.)

Picard begins his response with a broad generalization that journalists may find painful: "The average person is not now--and has never been--deeply interested in the news For most readers, viewers, and listeners, news consumption is brief and consists primarily of scanning major developments, so they have a superficial awareness of major occurrences and whether there is something about which they need to be concerned" (p. 11). 179

"News has never been commercially viable. Never! It has always been funded for some other purpose." In ancient times, he explained, that purpose was control, exercised by kings. For the last hundred years, news has been financed by merchant in order to sell products. 179

To be financially viable in this new infosphere, providers must establish a niche and serve it better than anyone else from the consumers' point of view, not the journalists'. 179


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